Zeknova Supersport RS 245/40ZR17

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Supersport RS is an economic semi slick tyre, with deeper tread depth(8mm) and special formula, helps entend lifespan offering persistent excellent grip. Intended for pro drifting, drift practicing and endurance races.

Two rib grooves ensures effective water dispersion. Tested data from Grooves make sure of the tyres
Two hollow rib grooves at outside wall with different length and angle. Rib grooves extending to sidewall ensures effective water dispersion. Short grooves ensure tenacity
Lightning Groove can not only insure broadwise’s tenacity, but also show special of pattern
Side simple is the standard of friction index

1. Designed in Japan and manufactured in China.
2. Tread wear: 240AA A and 300AA A.
3. Can be used in drift, track, slalom, street racing, drag racing, circuit racing and ROAD LEGAL USE.
4. Economic drift tire series, suitable

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